Saturday, January 8, 2011

Almond Milk from soaked almonds

I've been meaning to post this recipe but I've been busy and got sick over the holidays, here it goes.

I got a bag of almonds and soaked them for 12 hours, rinsed them and then blanched for 3-5 minutes til the skins came off.  You don't want the skin when blending almond milk, it kind of tastes bitter.

Ingredients/stuff you'll need:

Cheese cloth for straining
1cup almonds
2 cups filtered or distilled water
Sweetener of choice, I use agave nectar

After you've blanched the almonds, put them in the blender and add the water.   Blend til smooth.  Strain on the cheesecloth.  Save the pulp for something else, you can use it for making granola bars (more on that later).
I didn't end up adding the agave nectar to the blend.  I just added it before I drank the almond milk.  My daughter liked it a lot!  It tastes pretty good by itself or even in coffee :).

Enjoy!!!  for my previous blog with recipes and anecdotes from an allergy-celiac mom.

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