Thursday, March 3, 2011

Water Kefir

It's alive!!!!!

A dear friend sent me kefir grains (not to be confused with real food grains!) and I decided to make kefir water, since I can't have dairy. This was my concoction!

It's basically filtered water, kefir grains, organic sugar(the grains will eat them I was told), an apricot.  Yep that's an apricot, the bloated orange thing inside.  You will also need a clean glass jar with a lid, the size would depend on how much kefir water you're making.

Every couple of days you need to rinse the kefir with filtered water. You'll need a strainer, preferably a plastic one. You don't want the kefir grains to touch metal.  Then you put the filtered water and the kefir in the glass jar, add fruit if you like, then the organic sugar.  I was told you can use molasses too.

Oh and yes you are supposed to drink this stuff! ;). I normally wait at least 3 days before I drink some. 


  1. Are those regular/dairy kefir grains or water kefir grains (it's not the same bug)?
    I know you can use regular kefir grains to fermented nut milks, coconut milk or water, tea, fruit juices...Even in the fermentation of vegetables.

  2. Hi! I asked my friend who sent them to be and she said they're water kefir grains, not dairy.

  3. Ok so water kefir grains you can use fresh and dried fruits, probably some herbs & spices too.
    You should be able to use some tea too (I don't know if you'll get something similar to kombucha).
    Diluted fruit/vegetable juices maybe?

  4. Yes! You can mix it with fruit juice after - easier to get used to the taste, especially for kids. :)
    Also, you can strain the water even after 24 hours, you will get the benefit, and the taste will be less strong due to less fermentation.
    I've heard of people adding entire cinnamon sticks or mint leaves.. :)

  5. Thanks Vida for your comment.

    @Alchemille this is my 1st time making it so I'm not sure, I have only planned for water kefir with fruits for now.