Sunday, March 27, 2011

Update on GAPS diet

A few weeks have gone by, we've been doing GAPS. DD and I are both still on stage 3. I kind of plan on staying here for a few months.  I was late in introducing fermented veggies.  I am just starting now.  I did give DD a bit of water kefir here and there and I had some too.  Somehow I felt the fermented veggies was more important. So we stay on stage 3 for a while, carry on with the fermented foods, then probably next week I'll start juicing.

Food has started to become very boring now. I just can't wait to be on the FULL GAPS diet, however I also don't want to rush things. Right now we live on soups and broths with plenty of meat and vegetables.  I've already introduced fruits, mainly bananas and avocados.  DD seems to be alright with dried apricots, dates and watermelon.  I seem to be having problems with watermelon so I backed off. 

This is our journey on GAPS, feel free to chime in.  One thing I recently learned is that DD (3 yr old) likes sauerkraut!   Who would have thought?


  1. I find that a rotation diet is useful against food boredom ;).

  2. I thought you might appreciate this post about 5 common GAPS mistakes and how to avoid them:

  3. I don't remember if you saw my earlier posts but we were on a strict rotation diet. We can't do it now on GAPS. Thanks for the link too, I saw that a while back, I'll keep it handy :).