Sunday, December 5, 2010

Yam flour

A few months ago I discovered this store that sells tuber flours and I was very interested because it meant more food for my child to eat.   I've been ordering from them since September of this year and I was really pleased.  For my sake I didn't expect everything to taste like regular baked goods, and that mentality worked really good for me!

Anyway, I recently ordered yam flour.  Whoa, it was so expensive but I did find a merchant where I can order it cheaper.  I'm going to definitely do that next time. 

I'm not allowed to share the recipes that came with the yam flour because they are patented however I'll say they were rather easy to make and very tasty.  You don't make them like a traditional cookie.   My daughter loved them and that's the important thing!  This makes me happy! 


  1. Hey! Nice to 'see' you over here. :)
    I am still figuring out my little blog on here too.

    Wish we were closer!


  2. Hey there, I have 2 blogs here and one on tumblr and one on Wordpress. :) I figured blogspot but what I meant is how to export my blog from Wordpress :).

  3. Lol don't ask me, I really have no idea what i am doing yet! But I will probably start another on here soon. Can I give you a call later tonight? I'd love to chat.