Monday, November 26, 2012

Gluten-free Turon

Turon is a popular Filipino sweet, sort of like a lumpia-wrapped banana or plantain.  I am used to it being a plantain lumpia.  I grew up eating it but since going gluten-free 5 years ago, I've had to figure out how to make it okay for us to eat.  While the lumpia wrapper is made of wheat, the wrap I used is made of rice.  I made these several times until I decided why not post it, maybe someone else might like it.  My family loves it.

You can purchase the rice wraps at Kroger and Asian and Filipino stores.  Follow the instructions that comes with it.


1 large very ripe plantain
1/4 cup organic sugar
Sunflower oil or use coconut oil if you're able to tolerate it(I can't)
Sliced jackfruit (optional)

Cut the plantain in thin small sizes.  Get the rice wraps ready.  Lay the plantain on the wrap, add a little bit of the sugar and fold it in sideways and roll it all the way. Seal the end with a little water.

Heat oil in medium on a frying pan.  When it's hot then you can slowly put the turon to fry. They tend to stick to make sure they are spaced apart.  Cook until both sides are light brown and crispy. Drain. You can serve it with ice cream or just eat it by itself.


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