Friday, September 7, 2012

Missing paleo

As some of you know, recently I revamped my diet again. I could not strictly stay paleo anymore because I had to remove many foods that I was eating while following that lifestyle.  I would say I miss coconut the most. I used coconut everything.  Coconut oil, coconut milk, coconut butter. I miss almonds as well and other nuts(most are also moderate to high in salicylates).  The only nut I'm eating right now is cashew.  It's been frustrating to be honest, being so limited with foods. It was already so limited before and now it's even worse.  I was doing well until last year when I had pneumonia and had to be on steroids and antibiotics. And then a few months after that, had to be on antibiotics and steroids again. Later on I had to be on antibiotics again. I really believe that jeopardized the integrity of my stomach and cause even more dysbiosis. In other words, all the antibiotics and steroids sabotaged my path to healing.  I'm upset about it but there was nothing I could do. 

I haven't been posting many recipes because I'm still struggling with this low salicylate diet. I'm still learning. Some days I just want to give up and just eat everything and just deal with the consequences!


  1. I've also been through a time when I had a very limited diet. In that case of course, you can't be a 100% paleo (who really is?) and you want/need/crave variety in your plate.
    What about chestnut and/or plantain flour for baking?
    I also like to use cooked beans/lentils/chickpeas (or their sprouted flour equivalent) for baking. Not paleo but high protein and legumes don't affect my glycemia like grains do.

  2. Hi there. I considered myself 100% paleo before. I'd love to be that way again. Now I have to be low-sal and chestnut flour is extremely high in sals. I use plantain flour. I don't tolerate legumes and I'm supposed to stay away from those anyway, even the soaked and sprouted ones. I have thalassemia(genetic blood disorder) and most legumes apparently promote destruction of red blood cells. I've been eating some gluten-free stuff. I think what messed me up this year was the fact I had an old tooth removed and it had amalgam that was falling apart. Not to mention I had pneumonia and I had to be on steroids and antibiotics...twice. I'll stick to this low-sal diet as much as I can but I'm not a fan of the failsafe diet since it has too much sugar, IMHO. Right now I really crave lots of fruits(lots of them are high in salicylates).