Saturday, May 21, 2011


I grew up with fermented foods but I never cared for them.  Only when I started doing GAPS did I really get into fermented vegetables.  So far my favorite is sauerkraut.  The first time I took a bite, I had to spit it out.  However, as time went on, I grew to love it.  Now I'm hooked for life. I eat it with lunch and dinner and even drink the juice(brine).  My daughter had the same reaction.  Immediate reaction was hate & disgust but grew to love it after a while.

I apologize that the picture is not the best. I sort of drank the juice prior to this picture :).

Here's my kraut recipe.

I medium sized organic cabbage
2 TBSP celtic sea salt (or sea salt)

Cut the cabbage into small pieces.  Put in a bowl, add the sea salt.  Mash and wring them until liquid comes out.  Transfer into a jar large enough to keep the cabbage submerged.  Add some water if you didn't get enough from wringing the cabbage.  I ferment mine for up to 2 weeks. I add a few TBSP of the brine from a previous batch.  Cover and let it sit.  

Note:  I use a  Picklemeister.  You can use any glass jar.


  1. We made our own growing was the King of Kraut.

  2. My dad used to make all sorts of fermented veggies. He loves Kimchi. Sadly none of us kids got into it. I'm glad I finally got the importance of it now. Now I can't have enough of it!